Another awesome week to create!

“The best things in life are unexpected, because there were no expectations” -Eli Khamarov

Hey guys!

Happy Memorial Day! Hope everyone had a great weekend. To all the brave men and women who served or are serving I would like to thank you for your service. God bless you all.

The team and I are hard at work. We are currently fulfilling another order for the new Kelli Tek Dress (Available Now).

Morning decisions in the studio.

Interns Amrin and Demi cutting the fabric for the new Kelli Tek Dress

The Process:Step 1: Pattern placement on fabric.

Step 2: Pin the pattern to the fabric.

Step 3: Cut the fabric.

Step 4: Sew the fabric.

Step 5: The finished piece on our model. Get yours now Kelli Tek Dress.

The Designer’s Corner:

Always staying in inspired with my mood board.

Finishing up on the last order of the 3pc Cooln Set in Denim Blue color (Sold Out)

Me in the final piece.

Last but not least a special thank you note the customer that placed the order.


Designer: Char Glover

Intern: Demarra Brantley

Intern: Armin Stewart

Photographer: Shirley Yu

Happy Monday!

Hey guys!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Today is another busy day in the studio. I just got some new fabrics in stock for Rocknremix. I am feeling super inspired and new designs are currently in works.

Having some fun while working with my new intern Demi.

Working hard on a piece for a client.

(Yes! That’s my ashy elbow right there. Any lotion recommendation?)

Current fabric obsession.

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” – Marc Jacobs

Stay positive. Attitude is everything. Rock on!


Designer: Char Glover

Intern: Demarra Brantley

Photographer: Shirley Yu

Update: Bringing Fly Back!

“Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals.” – LL Cool J


Hey guys we’re back! Did u miss us??

It’s been a very busy year since the start of 2018.  Did u catch Char on Project Runway Allstars 6? We’re so proud of her:) After filming we moved into our new design studio in the heart of the Fashion District in Downtown LA. (Yayyyyy!!) Our team is growing  and our brand RocknRemix has expanded quite a bit. We have a few projects currently in the works we can’t wait to share with you. Be sure to subscribe to our blog so you won’t miss a thing….

We’re happy  to be back!

Working with my new intern Dominque.

Putting the finishing touches on the new Kelli Tek Dress (Available Now)

Always enjoy your journey….

Skittles are the essential brain food…

Keep an eye out for more behind the scene content of what goes on in the studio. We want to share our fashion journey with you.

Also, check out our NEW Spring/Summer items on RocknRemix


Designer: Char Glover

Intern: Dominique

Photographer: Shirley Yu


Quick lil number

Somewhere in between designing our New Fall 2016 collection (So EXCITED!!! can’t wait to share) and fulfilling orders, I had a chance to whip up a quick lil number.My friend Danielle is a professional dancer she’s  updating  her portfolio and wanted  a custom  leotard as one of her looks. We decided to go with hot pink (No like realllly bright hot pink) I was excited because I’ve NEVER made a leotard before….lol crazy right!!??  I think it turned out super cute. Just wanted to share #Dipitdownlow #Custom

*Ps….I’m always excited my friends/family reminds me daily…ha! ?



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Put yourself in a position to win.

One of the main reasons I moved from Detroit to LA last December was because of limited resources in Detroit. I love my city but, as a fashion designer it’s really hard to prosper and grow in a city that doesn’t cater to your field of interest. There are three fabric stores in Detroit. I repeat THREE fabric stores. 1 is a chain store (JoAnn fabrics) and the other two are privately owned. In the beginning I wasn’t really bothered by the lack of resources  because I would go to thrift stores and buy vintage pieces and reconstruct them. Being a self-taught designer this was the perfect formula for the foundation and development of my design aesthetic. My pieces were unique, custom and 1 of a kind. It also taught me basic garment construction. But as I grew and evolved that no longer suited me…….Fastforward to life in LA.

I’m now able to go downtown to the Fashion/Garment district an area that has  nothing but fabric, fashion and more fabric, basically  anything  you need to make a design come to life! Being in the heart of the Fashion District will definitely expand your way of thinking….PERIOD!

I’ve learned that you must go where you can prosper, grow and ultimately put yourself in a position to win!

Now when I have a project my only problem is narrowing down my options.

Yesterday I found a zipper that perfectly matched a cobalt blue Cali Cape dress I’m making for a client. Simple find “BUT” I was able to find it…lol!
Today was a good day:) #Simplethingsmakemehappy ?

Back like we never left…

Hey there!

We welcome you to our super dope blog. It’s been a while since we’ve posted, so now it’s onnnnn!

Here is where we’ll  post all of our behind the scenes shenanigans ? projects, our creative process, and much much more. (Be sure to subscribe below to our blog email for NEW post updates)

We’re currently working on our FALL 2016 collection for RocknRemix! Check back to see our progress….Again thank you for checking out our UPDATED blog we will be sure to post updates often.

Yayyyyyy  we’re Excited!

Stay tuned…